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Maserati Granturismo MC Review and Price for Sale

maserati granturismo mc 2015
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Maserati Granturismo MC Review

2015 Maserati Granturismo MC stradale specs is one of the best sports car that will be launched this year. Maserati is one of the best car companies that always make the best car. This year, Maserati admit that they want to dominate the sports car class even they know the risk of it.

There are many kinds of sports car that have the best specifications and Maserati confident that they can dominate the sports car market. But the automotive enthusiast know that they will have the best car if they choose to buy Maserati Granturismo. Maserati is trusted car company that have long history in USA market, this is why automotive enthusiast remain to choose Maserati’s product.

maserati granturismo mc used vs audi r8

The Exterior and Interior

It is a 2-door coupe that has aerodynamic design. The car has Sporty Chrome Grille on the front hood. The design of the front hood also use the V-shaped Design with lower dimension that will give the best air circulation. Equipped with LED Headlamps, you will get better exposure.

On the back of the car, you will get Rear Spoiler that will give aggresive look. And with Double Exhaust with Chrome Tip, you have sporty car with dynamic and modern design Meanwhile for the interior you will have sporty cabin. 2015 Maserati Granturismo MC stradale top speed has Premium Leather with Sporty Front Seat. You will drive in a good interior design. With Leather Steering Wheel and Sporty Pedals, you will have good handling during your driving.

maserati granturismo mc stradale sound

The Price, Engine and Specifications

Maserati will release this kind of car with price at $ 132.000 and It is considered as decent price in sports car class. You will drive faster with car that has 4.7L V8 engine. The car has 16 Variable Valve Timing that will make you easier to drive faster.

You can drive with power up to 355 HP and you can reach 100 km per miles with 14 seconds. The car still using Rear Wheel Drive with 6-speed Automatic Transmission so you will not get tired easily. And you cann perform aggresive acceleration because Maserati provides Electric Power Steering on 2015 Maserati Granturismo MC review.

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maserati granturismo mc 2015
maserati granturismo mc stradale sound
maserati granturismo mc stradale review
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maserati granturismo mc used vs audi r8