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Buick Lacrosse Hybrid 2015 Reviews, Specs and Price

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2015 Buick LaCrosse Hybrid reviews is a sedan that has the latest innovations. During this time many companies that promote a Turbo engine for sedans and support the ability to drive a car with a high strength. But apparently Buick has a different way to make the fans proud of this car because Buick provide new innovations.

Buick provide Hybrid engine in this sedan. And you will have a machine that can make you drive at high speed, and also have a good level of efficiency because the engine does not consume a lot of fuel. It is the perfect combination because you will have a car that can make you proud with all the capabilities and performance of this sedan.

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The Exterior and Interior

Buick LaCrosse Hybrid 2015 has a dynamic design because the car has a slightly larger dimensions with regular sedans. This is because the Buick uses Oversized Power Sunroof. The car has a curved grille with headlights that minimalist design. Body also looks more elegant with the absence of curvature on the car body.

With Privacy Glass, car has exclusive impression. The car also uses Flushmount Rear Spoiler that makes the car have more perfect exterior design. While in the interior, the car is equipped with the Sport Pedals and Sport Front Seat for the driver. While on the back, the car has a spacious cabin with Split-folding Rear Seatback. Passengers can also be comfortable with Rear Ventilation Ducts.

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The Price, Engine And Specifications

2015 Buick LaCrosse Hybrid is equipped with a 2.4L 4-cyl Hybrid engine. You can go at high speed with convenient because the car is also equipped with the best specifications for security. The car is equipped with 4-wheel ABS, combined with the Post-collision Safety System. It will make you more secure in driving on the streets. With 6-speed Automatic Transmission, the driver will not be tired when driving for long trips. With Airbag Deployment Notification, the car have completed air bags that will ensure the passenger on the inside. 2015 Buick LaCrosse Hybrid will be sold at $ 41.000.

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