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All New Honda Ridgeline Body Style Design and Engine

new honda ridgeline design
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2016 New Honda Ridgeline body style is one of the best Japanese brands of pickup truck that will be the new idol. During this time, Japanese brands are hard to break the USA market because the automotive enthusiast is prefer to use USA brands.

But this time, The New Honda Ridgeline finally break the dominations by become the most wanted car this year. It is good news for those of you who want to have the strong pickup trucks that will make you easier to bring all the goods. This car made for the automotive enthusiast that want to get the new car that has a good ability to go in any kind of roads. This car has good body design that combine with good specs.

new honda ridgeline

The Exterior and Interior All New Honda Ridgeline

The car made with the combination of the aluminum with steel that makes the frame has strong body and not to heavy. Car has body protections that will ensure you driving safety in mud, snowy, rock or even asphalt roads. The cab has good dimension so you can bring more stuff on the back.

The car also has longer Roof-line, that make you feel comfortable on the cabin. Meanwhile on the interior, you will feel convenience to drive because 2016 New Honda Ridgeline concept has Driver and Passenger Adjustable Seats. You can bring up to 5 passengers on the inside. Car also has good Towing and Hauling so you can bring anything on the car. Car has good entertainment features with 5 Speakers and 1 Subwoofer.

new honda ridgeline release date and price

The Price, Engine and Specifications

The car has price between $ 30.000 up to 40.000. Honda has not announced the official release date of the 2016 New Honda Ridgeline because it will be launched in 2016. But for the engine and specifications, you can have a look at this car. Car has 3.5L V6 engine that can generate power up to 260 Hp.

It is equipped with All Wheel Drive system with Off-Roads Mode so you can drive in any kind of roads easily. And you will drive with ease because Honda gives 5-speed Automatic Transmission. Overall, this is a worthy car to buy 2015 Honda Ridgeline.

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