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2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Review Interior, Price and Sale

ferrari 458 spider price
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2015 Ferrari 458 Spider Review

title – 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider is one of the sports cars that will become the new idol of automotive enthusiasts. This car comes to meet the needs of automotive enthusiasts who always wanted to have a car with a nice style. Ferrari is one of the most awaited cars of the year like Honda Fit LX Automatic 2015.

Moreover every cars that is made by Ferrari usually has a special design which will be one of the attraction by the buyer. It can not be denied because of a Ferrari always make a car with the best design and will make you proud of what you have. With some qualified specification, this time trying to give a Ferrari sports car with a nice variety of specifications.

ferrari 458 spider runs over cop

The Exterior and Interior of Ferrari 458 Spider

2015 Ferrari 458 Spider has a charming design with a red bandage around the body of the Website to search car. It is a hallmark of Ferrari. This car does not have a grille, but has a low dimensional lamp with sporty design. The main light cars equipped with Xenon High Intensity Discharge Headlamp that will make the car have bright lights and more efficient.

While on the back, the car has Rear Spoiler that makes the car more aerodynamic design. While in the interior, the car has a modern design. The car has a luxurious dashboard with a range of key features. The car has safety features for drivers to equip cars with Front Head Airbags. And passengers would be safer with Dual Front Side-mounted Airbags.

ferrari 458 spider price

The Price, Engine and Specs

2015 Ferrari 458 Spider will be sold at a price of $ 290,000 by the middle of this year. This car is worth having because the car is equipped with a 4.5L V8 Turbocharge engine. This is the kind of machine that will take you to the highest speed level. With the 7-speed Automated Manual, you will drive fast because the car has a lightweight frame. With this car you can drive with power up to 568 hp. It means you can reach 100 km per hour with just 7 seconds. 2015 Ferrari 458 Spider will be the best sport car.

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