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2015 Buick Enclave Review, Price and Specs

2015 buick enclave all weather mats
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Buick Enclave Review

It is an affordable large SUV, a family car with 3 rows, rather medium sized in purpose for a medium family. Seeing the design of 2015 buick enclave review, this car has very common sense of usual SUV cars. Its body, size, color 2015 buick enclave leather, everything seems similar to other common SUV cars. Does this make this car just an ordinary SUV car? No, it does not. We shall see the good this special car gives.

First, we’ll talk about the engine. This SUV car uses 6 speeds automatic transmission, allows driver to take control with ease. What is special in its engine is that this car has a very comfortable ride and grat composed road manners. No need to be worry about the handling, since it has best controlled one.

when will the 2015 buick enclave be released

Second, talking about the interior of 2015 buick enclave msrp. This Buick SUV car has 3 row of seat. First front seat, surely for the driver and the “navigator”. Second row, right in the middle, can up to 4 passengers, and the back row can handle 2 passengers. Overall, this Buick car can handle up to 8 passenger in one journey. It is so satisfying enough for a family with kind of large number. It is rather stranger, having a 4 passenger seat in a row, but this is what can be remarkably remembered by users to consider which Buick SUV car should be bought. But it seems like not all people will get satisfied to the second row, since some of reviewers think that it is kind of low, makes those passenger with long legs couldn’t fit more.


when will 2015 buick enclave be available


For the cargo, it is rather big, even bigger from any other SUV cars search sites, makes bringing things easier and more in quantity in the luggage. It is also featured with beautiful duplex colors, audio, video, radio tunning, and other multimedia to remove boredom. The quality? Seems average. Not too good to be compared to other cars, yet still good enough.

Buick Enclave Price and Specs

Last but not the least, this Buick SUV car offers good safety to make the passenger feels comfort and safe being inside. Overall for the safety, it gets 5 star rating like 2015 Acura MDX Review, means that this car is rather safe even as a family car which mostly not really safe since a bigger car requires more saving materials. For the frontal crash, it gets 5 star, added by the engine cabin in the front side, makes it so safe even the car hit something from the front side. In side crash test, this car gets the same 5 stars, means that passengers still can keep calm and safe inside. But for rolling over, it gets only 4 stars, which means that passenger should be aware in any case of rollover.

For the price, it is rather appropriate, as it costs around Rp. 572 millions. Kind of pricy indeed, but proper enough for the comfort and safety it offers.

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2015 buick enclave all weather mats
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