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2015 BMW i3 Base W/range Extender, Price and Review

2015 bmw i3 fuel tank capacity
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2015 BMW i3 Hatchback is one of the best electric car that will be the new idol in 2015. This is a new breakthrough made by BMW because if they are usually release an ordinary hatchback the BMW Car Auto Prices is now daring to release a BMW with a futuristic design and have the technology different machines with the type of previous hatchback. This car uses an unusual machine.

One thing is for sure, this is a new beginning to the era of the car with the latest technology, especially with this technology the car will have a much better emissions because it does not pollute the environment or cause pollution. It is a car of the future that will make anyone amazed by some of the specifications that are embedded in this car. If you are curious, let’s check it out.

2015 bmw i3 with range extender

The Exterior and Interior

2015 BMW i3 Base w/range extender has a futuristic design. The car has a different color gradations and create a contrast. Display the front hood is characterized by a blend of two colors on the front hood, and a lamp that has a sharp beam. Grille almost not visible, and the car has lights on the bottom.

While on the side, the car looks more futuristic, with different glass models. This is the design of the future, and you will be amazed by the outside appearance of this car. While in the interior, the car also looks modern with a variety of specifications and features. On the dashboard there is a 5.6 touch screen as navigator, and Telescoping Steering Wheel. The interior also has the best skin with smooth layer.

2015 bmw i3 rex mileage

The Price, Engine and Specifications

2015 BMW i3 Hatchback sold for $ 47,000. The car has a different engine because BMW i3 uses Electric Motor with Lithium-ion Battery. This type of future machine and environmentally friendly.

The engine is much better than the Tesla Model S. With Eco Pro+, car more fuel efficient. The car also uses a DC Fast-charging System, so you only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery. The best part of it, is the BMW Assist e-Call that will give notifications and security sensor.

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