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2015 Acura MDX Review, Specs and Car Price

2015 acura mdx car and driver
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2015 Acura MDX Review, Specs and Car Price

2015 Acura MDX Review, Specs and Car Price

A handsome family car with great design, great exterior, great interior with this 2015 acura mdx review. Almost perfect. So eye catching and luxurious. Those are what you will say seeing this car. It is an SUV car, with up to date design and features, and also satisfying for the price and use.

when will 2015 acura mdx be available

First, talking about the design. The design is made for an SUV series with cheap 2015 acura mdx price, which means that it is rather medium sized, since it is made for family uses. It is not too high, and not too wide, since the design is also one of the factory’s consideration. It has a window upward, makes the passengers possible to have more fun inside it. The metallic body is also eye catching, where people will consider its appearance around. What is most considered in this car is that the body is made with no less, as it is so safe. It is thick, and safe for any crack just like a crash. No wonder why would people buy it for the exterior, size, and also the most important.

For the interior 2015 acura mdx specs, it is also made for satisfaction purposes too. As any other family SUV cars, this car is made to make the family get comforted. The materials and colors are layered. Though the layered ones are not too obvious, since the colors are less powerful, but still this car could catch the attention of the passengers for the elegant and soft colors. It also is featured with a capacitive touch screen for multimedia purpose, such as watching movie, and also for driving helpful purposes, such as using GPS and camera for running toward back. For the driver, the stir is made functionally helpful too, for some helpful buttons that can make the driving work gets way easier and faster. For the cooling system inside, no need to be worried of getting too hot or too cold, since it has 8 AC built in inside.

when does 2015 acura mdx come out

2015 Acura MDX Specs & Price

Though it is an SUV family car, but the speed that has been putted in it can not be underestimated. It has 290 horse power to support the speed, so that this car could run as fast as a sedan –or even faster. For the speed level itself, this car is featured with 6 speed automatic. No need to be worried of getting forget to upper and lower the speed gear in some particular situations like 2015 BMW 428i Gran Coupe Review.

It is @43,460 – $57,675, as same as Rp. 564 millions – Rp. 749 millions. Kinda expensive for Indonesian family though, but worth enough for the specification, features, power, and safety it offers.

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